Publications (** denotes equal contribution, # denotes co-corresponding author)


MTOR promotes basal cell carcinoma growth through atypical PKC
Rachel Y. Chow, Taylor M. Levee, Gurleen Kaur, Daniel P. Cedeno, Linda T. Doan, Scott X. Atwood
Experimental Dermatology. 2021. 30(3):358-366.
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Fostering a healthy culture: Biological relevance of in vitro and ex vivo skin models
Scott X. Atwood# and Maksim V. Plikus#
Experimental Dermatology. 2021. 30(3):298-303.
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aPKC drives cilia-independent Hedgehog signaling to maintain basal cell carcinoma growth
Tuyen T. L. Nguyen, Ung Seop Jeon, Vama Jhumkhawala, Kevin C. Tan, Vinay Kumar, Whitney E. England, Linda T. Doan, Robert C. Spitale, Scott X. Atwood

Exploiting enogenous enzymes for cancer cell seletive metabolic labeling of RNA in vivo
Samantha Beasley, Kim Nguyen, Whitney England, Eric Tarapore, Scott X. Atwood, Robert C. Spitale

PI3K promotes basal cell carcinoma through kinase-induced p21 degradation
Rachel Y. Chow, Ung Seop Jeon, Taylor M. Levee, Gurleen Kaur, Daniel P. Cedeno, Linda T. Doan, Scott X. Atwood


Single cell transcriptomics of human epidermis identifies basal stem cell transition states
Shuxiong Wang**, Michael L. Drummond**, Christian F. Guerrero-Juarez, Eric Tarapore, Adam L. MacLean, Adam R. Stabell, Stephanie C. Wu, Guadalupe Gutierrez, Bao T. That, Claudia A. Benavente, Qing Nie#, Scott X. Atwood#
Nature Communications. 2020. 11(1): 4239.
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Divergent resistance mechanisms to immunotherapy explain responses in different skin cancers
Emmanuel Dollinger**, Daniel R. Bergman, Peijie Zhou, Scott X. Atwood#, Qing Nie#
Cancers. 2020. 12(10): 2946.
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AP-1 and TGFB cooperativity drives non-canonical Hedgehog signaling in resistant basal cell carcinoma
Catherine D. Yao, Daniel Haensel, Sadhana Gaddam, Tiffany Patel, Scott X. Atwood, Kavita Y. Sarin, Ramon J. Whitson, Siegen McKellar, Gautam Shankar, Sumaira Aasi, Kerri Rieger, Anthony E. Oro
Nature Communications. 2020. 11(1): 5079.
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Ovol1 regulates psoriasis-like skin inflammation and epidermal hyperplasia
Peng Sun, Remy Vu, Morgan Dragan, Daniel Haensel, Guadalupe Gutierrez, Quy Nguyen, Elyse Greenberg, Jie Wu, Scott X. Atwood, Eric Pearlman, Wei Han, Kai Kessenbrock, Xing Dai
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2020. S0022-202X(20)32392-7. doi: 10.1016/j.jid.2020.10.025.
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Online engagement in an undergraduate cell biology course
Eric Tarapore**, Justin F. Shaffer**, Scott X. Atwood
Journal of College Science Teaching. 2020. Accepted.


Common skin diseases – skin cancer
Tuyen T.L. Nguyen**, Eric Tarapore**, Scott X. Atwood
Wiley. 2019. In Imaging technologies and transdermal delivery in skin disorders. ISBN: 978-3-527-34460-4.
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Defining the genetics of basosquamous carcinoma
Eric Tarapore and Scott X. Atwood
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2019. 139(11): 2258-60.
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Loss of primary cilia drives switching from Hedgehog to Ras pathway and basal cell to squamous cell carcinoma
Francois Kuonen**, Noelle E. Hiskey**, Gautam Shankar, Prajakta Jaju, Ramon J. Whitson, Kerri E. Rieger, Scott X. Atwood, Kavita Y. Sarin, Anthony E. Oro
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2019. 139(7):1439-48.
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Actin polymerization controls cilia-mediated signaling
Michael L. Drummond, Mischa Li, Eric Tarapore, Tuyen T.L. Nguyen, Baina J. Barouni, Shaun Cruz, Kevin C. Tan, Anthony E. Oro#, Scott X. Atwood#
Journal of Cell Biology. 2018. 217(9):3255-66.
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MTSS1/Src family kinase dysregulation underlies multiple inherited ataxias
Alexander S. Brown, Pratap Meera, Banu Altindag, Ravi Chopra, Emma Perkins, Sharan Paul, Daniel R. Scoles, Eric Tarapore, Jessica Magri, Haoran Huang, Mandy Jackson, Vikram G. Shakkottai, Thomas S. Otis, Stefan M. Pulst, Scott X. Atwood#, Anthony E. Oro#
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2018. 115(52):E12407-E12416.
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Illuminating alternative strategies to treat targeted chemotherapy-resistant sporadic basal cell carcinoma
Tuyen T.L. Nguyen and Scott X. Atwood
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2018. 138(5):1017-19.
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Noncanonical hedgehog pathway activation through SRF-MLK1 promotes drug resistance in basal cell carcinomas
Ramon J. Whitson, Alex Lee, Nicole M. Urman, Amar Mirza, Catherine Y. Yao, Alexander S. Brown, Jiang R. Li, Gautam Shankar, Micah A. Fry, Scott X. Atwood, Eunice Y. Lee, S. Tyler Hollmig, Sumaira Z. Aasi, Kavita Y. Sarin, Matthew P. Scott, Ervin H. Epstein, Jean Y. Tang, Anthony E. Oro
Nature Medicine. 2018. 24(3):271-81.
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sm”FISH”ing for Hedgehog
Michael L. Drummond and Scott X. Atwood
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2017. 137(1):13-5.
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Cell-selective bioorthogonal metabolic labeling of RNA
Kim Nguyen**, Michael Fazio**, Miles Kubota, Sarah Nainar, Chao Feng, Xiang Li, Scott X. Atwood, Timothy W. Bredy, Robert C. Spitale
Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2017. 139(6):2148-51.
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Atypical Protein Kinase C - Histone Deacetylase 1 inhibitors cooperate in basal cell carcinoma treatment
Amar N. Mirza, Micah A. Fry, Nicole M. Urman, Scott X. Atwood, Jon Roffey, Gregory R. Ott, Bin Chen, Alex Lee, Alexander S. Brown, Sumaira Z. Aasi, Tyler Hollmig, Mark A. Ator, Bruce D. Dorsey, Bruce R. Ruggeri, Craig A. Zificsak, Marina Sirota, Jean Y. Tang, Atul Butte, Ervin Epstein, Kavita Y. Sarin#, Anthony E. Oro#
JCI Insight. 2017. 2(21). pii: 97071.
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2016 and earlier

Tumor-derived Suppressor of Fused mutations reveal Hedgehog pathway interactions
Nicole M. Urman, Amar Mirza, Scott X. Atwood, Ramon J. Whitson, Kavita Y. Sarin, Jean Y. Tang, Anthony E. Oro
Plos One. 2016. 11(12):e0168031.
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Combined treatment with arsenic trioxide and itraconazole inhibits the Hedgehog pathway in patients with refractory metastatic basal cell carcinoma: results from a pilot trial
Mina S. Ally, Katherine Ransohoff, Kavita Sarin, Scott X. Atwood, Melika Rezaee, Irene Bailey-Healy, Jynho Kim, Philip A. Beachy, Anne Lynn S. Chang, Anthony Oro, Jean Y. Tang, A. Dimitrios Colevas
JAMA Dermatology. 2016. 152(4):452-6.
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Smoothened variants explain the majority of drug resistance in basal cell carcinoma
Scott X. Atwood**, Kavita Y. Sarin**, Ramon J. Whitson, Jiang R. Li, Geurim Kim, Melika Rezaee, Mina S. Ally, Jinah Kim, Catherine Yao, Anne L.S. Chang, Anthony E. Oro#, Jean Y. Tang#
Cancer Cell. 2015. 27(3):342-53.
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Rolling the genetic dice: neutral and deleterious Smoothened mutations in drug-resistant basal cell carcinoma
Scott X. Atwood, Kavita Y. Sarin, Jiang R. Li, Catherine Yao, Nicole M. Urman, Anne L.S. Chang, Jean Y. Tang, Anthony E. Oro
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2015. 135(8):2138-41.
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RAS/MAPK activation drives resistance to Smo inhibition, metastasis and tumor evolution in Shh pathway-dependent tumors
Xuesong Zhao, Tatyana Ponomaryov, Kimberly J. Ornell, Pengcheng Zhou, Sukriti K. Dabral, Ekaterina Pak, Wei Li, Scott X. Atwood, Ramon J. Whitson, Anne Lynn S. Chang, Jiang Li, Anthony E. Oro, Jennifer A. Chan, Joseph F. Kelleher, Rosalind A. Segal
Cancer Research. 2015. 75(17):3623-35.
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Mutations in the kinetochore gene KNSTRN in basal cell carcinoma
Prajakta Jaju, Christie B. Nguyen, Angela M. Mah, Scott X. Atwood, Jiang R. Li, Amin Zia, Anne L.S. Chang, Anthony E. Oro, Jean Y. Tang, Cari S. Lee, Kavita Y. Sarin
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2015. 135(12):3197-200.
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Advanced treatment for basal cell carcinomas
Scott X. Atwood, Ramon J. Whitson, Anthony E. Oro
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine. 2014. 4(7):a013581.
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"Atypical" regulation of Hedgehog-dependent cancer
Scott X. Atwood and Anthony E. Oro
Cancer Cell. 2014. 25(2):133-4.
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Epigenetic targeting of Hedgehog pathway transcriptional output through BET bromodomain inhibition
Yujie Tang, Sharareh Gholamin, Simone Schubert, Minde I. Willardson, Alex Lee, Pratiti Bandopadhayay, Guillame Bergthold, Sabran Masoud, Brian Nguyen, Nujsaubnusi Vue, Brianna Balansay, Furong Yu, Sekyung Oh, Pamelyn Woo, Spenser Chen, Anitha Ponnuswami, Michelle Monje, Scott X. Atwood, Ramon J. Whitson, Siddhartha Mitra, Samuel H. Cheshier, Jun Qi, Rameen Beroukhim, Jean Y. Tang, Rob Wechsler-Reya, Anthony E. Oro, Brian A. Link, James E. Bradner, Yoon-Jae Cho
Nature Medicine. 2014. 20(7):732-40.
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Identification of genes promoting skin youthfulness by genome-wide association study
Anne L.S. Chang, Gil Atzmon, Aviv Bergman, Samantha Brugmann, Scott X. Atwood, Howard Y. Chang, Nir Barzilai
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2014. 134(3):651-7.
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GLI activation by atypical protein kinase C iota/lambda regulates the growth of basal cell carcinomas
Scott X. Atwood#, Mischa Li, Alex Lee, Jean Y. Tang, Anthony E. Oro#
Nature. 2013. 494(7438):484-8.
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Rapid genetic analysis of epithelial-mesenchymal signaling during hair regeneration
Wei-Meng Woo**, Scott X. Atwood**, Hansen H. Zhen, Anthony E. Oro
Journal of Visualized Experiments. 2013. (72):e4344.
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"Patch"ing up our tumor signaling knowledge
Scott X. Atwood**, Ramon J. Whitson**, Anthony E. Oro
Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 2013. 133(5):1131-3.
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Surgical excision after neoadjuvant therapy with vismodegib for a locally advanced basal cell carcinoma and resistant basal cell carcinomas in Gorlin syndrome
Anne L.S. Chang, Scott X. Atwood, Danielle M. Tartar, Anthony E. Oro
JAMA Dermatology. 2013. 149(5):639-41.
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Hedgehog pathway inhibition and the race against tumor evolution
Scott X. Atwood, Anne L.S. Chang, Anthony E. Oro
Journal of Cell Biology. 2012. 199(2):193-7.
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Partitioning-defective protein 6 (Par-6) activates atypical protein kinase C (aPKC) by pseudosubstrate displacement
Chiharu Graybill, Brett Wee, Scott X. Atwood, Kenneth E. Prehoda
Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2012. 287(25):21003-11.
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MIM and Cortactin antagonism regulates ciliogenesis and Hedgehog signaling
Marina Bershteyn, Scott X. Atwood, Wei-Meng Woo, Mischa Li, Anthony E. Oro
Developmental Cell. 2010. 19(2):270-83.
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aPKC phosphorylates Miranda to polarize fate determinants during neuroblast asymmetric cell division
Scott X. Atwood and Kenneth E. Prehoda
Current Biology. 2009. 19(9):723-9.
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Cdc42 acts downstream of Bazooka to regulate neuroblast polarity through Par-6-aPKC
Scott X. Atwood, Chiswili Chabu, Rhiannon R. Penkert, Chris Q. Doe, Kenneth E. Prehoda
Journal of Cell Science. 2007. 120(Pt 18):3200-6.
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