Lab members

Scott Atwood, PhD

Principal Investigator

Rachel Chow

Graduate Student

Tuyen Nguyen

Graduate Student
GAANN Fellow
Susan V. Bryant Graduate Fellowship Award

Eric Tarapore

Graduate Student
GAANN Fellow

Ivan He

Undergraduate Student

"Albert" Ung Seop Jeon

Undergraduate Student

Taylor Levee

Undergraduate Student
SURP Fellow

Vama Jhumkhawala

Undergraduate Student
UROP Fellow

Scott received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from University of Oregon where he studied how cell polarity influenced cell fate in fly neural stem cells. He continued his training at Stanford University where he investigated basal cell carcinoma and the evolution of drug resistance. He is currently exploring cell fate decisions in skin stem cells and cancer.

Rachel received her B.S. in Biological Sciences from Dominican University of California and M.S. in Cell Biology and Cancer Research from Albany Medical College where she studied PKC-epsilon regulation in phagocytosis. She is currently defining oncogenic aPKC regulation in skin cancer.

Tuyen received her B.S. in Developmental and Cell Biology from UC Irvine where she studied the retinoic acid receptor in vertebrate axial elongation. She is currently exploring mechanisms of drug resistance in basal cell carcinoma.

Eric received his B.S. in Developmental and Cell Biology from UC Irvine where he studied TGF-beta signaling in Drosophila energy metabolism. He is currently exploring the phospho-regulation of zinc finger transcription factors.

Katherine Mojica

Undergraduate Student

Bao That

Undergraduate Student

Yvonne Tran

Undergraduate Student
UROP Fellow

Ariana Valencia

Undergraduate Student


Postdoctoral Research Scholars
Michael Drummond, PhD; Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Zymo Research

Graduate Students
Kerrigan Blake, NIH MCB training grant

Master's Students
Garima Naswa; Business Technology Analyst (Deloitte)
Paige Radtke; University of Colorado Law School

Undergraduate Students
Baina Barouni, UROP Fellow
Tejasvi Bhyravabhotla, UROP Fellow
Peggy Chen, UROP Fellow; University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni Dental School
Shaun Cruz
Kendall Kearns, UROP Fellow; Staff Research Assistant (UCSF)
Nikita Rao, UROP Fellow; Boston University Master’s Program
Kristeen Shamas
Stella Shamas, SURP and UROP Fellow
Kevin Tan, SURP and UROP Fellow
Ledia Tarabey, SURP and UROP Fellow
Tanin Zadeh, UROP Fellow; Western University of Health Sciences Master’s Program
Allan Zevelev